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Training for fat loss: Variations in fat loss

Most people start their training for fat loss programme with the same type of workout – full body workouts three times a week with 30-60 minutes per session. Vanefist Neo vitamins can provide additional support to the exercise programme.

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The problem with this is that most people see their progress stall after a week or so and get frustrated. How are they supposed to know if what they are doing is working or not?

The answer to this is a very simple concept – progress comes from continuing to improve, not from starting something. Vanefist Neo can additionally help if you have ever sinned.

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If you understand this concept and apply it to your training, you will find that you make more progress and overcome obstacles more easily.

If you are already doing these exercises, there is every chance that you are on the right track to achieving your goals. It is worthwhile to at least look for the most effective exercises.

If you want to go further, there are a number that will help you train for fat loss and build lean muscle.

The most effective strength training exercises for fat loss are compound movements such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts and pull-ups. These exercises stimulate more muscles to work, so you train more muscles overall. The more muscles you focus on, the more effective the exercise, the more calories you burn overall and the more muscle mass you build.

To get the best strength training exercises for fat loss, try the following: 3-4 exercises, each working a major muscle group such as legs, chest, back and arms. Keep rest time between sets to no more than 30 seconds. Perform 6-8 repetitions per exercise, 2-3 sets. Rest for one minute between sets – this will help you get the most out of your training session. Before the workout you can take 2-3 capsules of Vanefist Neo and you will be able to train even stronger.

Exercise versions of classic bodyweight exercises also really put your body into fat-burning mode when performed in a circuit. Try using push-ups, pull-ups and dips as a 2-3 combination exercise. Do 10-12 reps each for 6 sets. Always take a minute or two break between sets.

Strength training is only half of your workout. The other half is cardio interval training for fat loss. However, if you are trying to lose fat and NOT muscle, keep the cardio workout short (30-45 minutes) with at least two sessions per week. This will help you burn even more fat.

Eat healthy: Eat 2-3 small meals a day, about every 6 hours, all with protein and 2 capsules of Vanefist Neo with each meal. Vanefist Neo will help you not feel hungry for a long time.

Your diet should contain as little saturated fat as possible, as it acts as a fat storage hormone in your body and supports muscle retention, not fat burning!

Eat fruits and vegetables for your carbohydrate and nutrient needs. Other foods such as eggs, meat, fish etc. that contain lean protein and some fat will keep you going throughout the day and give you energy to exercise. It’s also good to have a cheat meal once or twice a week. A small handful of chocolate, some chips, some fruit, a little salad, whatever you like.

The bigger the meal, the better.

Eat carbohydrates with slow erosion to keep your blood sugar stable. Variety is key, so eat foods from all food groups. Some examples are oatmeal with strawberries, a small handful of rice with scrambled eggs, a large glass of orange juice, a stout cheeseburger with honey, a small handful of vegetables with a low-fat dressing, to name a few.

So the next time you think a workout is more than you can handle, ask yourself,

Is there anything I’m not doing that could give me better results?