Do Yoga and Revolyn Ultra help to lose weight?

Weight gain is almost entirely a mental process.

It is a result of the combination of overeating and lack of exercise. Despite all our best intentions, the pounds will eventually accumulate. The experienced practitioner of weight loss yoga knows this to be true. If you find that these proportions in your body have changed, this still motivates you to do something about it. You need to reach deep inside yourself and convince yourself that you really want to be slim. 

Sometimes it seems almost impossible to commit wholeheartedly to an exercise programme and a healthy diet. You’re just not as motivated as you used to be. The truth is, getting motivated to change is the most important step. Motivations can come from many places. Taking a good dietary supplement such as REVOLYN ULTRA will help you a lot.


What do you tell yourself when you think you look fat? Have you always been this way and just have to accept what you are? Are you tired of not fitting into your clothes and going to the shop in your oversized clothes? Do you refuse to go out in public because you are ashamed of how you look? You might even fear eating fast food because it disgusted you!

Whatever your reasons for avoiding exercise and healthy eating, the choice is yours. As long as you are authentic to who you are, you can find a way to achieve your weight loss goals. You need to accept that it is okay not to follow the diet and exercise programmes set out for you because it is you. If you learn to love yourself for who you are, you won’t have to fight to be yourself. It’s much easier to stick to a programme when you don’t have to rationalise your choices. Losing weight becomes effortless.

Yi Ongji “The FortyQB” meditation is especially good for releasing your weight loss pr pointer:

Although I have a mouth that could speak, I have no words to speak.

Although I have eyes that can see, I cannot see my own eyes.

Although I have a heart that does not beat three times, I have no heart.

Although my hands have arms that can reach, I cannot reach my arms.

Although my brain has fingers, I have no brain.

Although I have a body that can run, I cannot run.

Although I have a tail that can walk, I cannot walk.

Think about how well your body uses all these different body parts to perform its regular tasks. Use a nutritional supplement like REVOLYN ULTRA and turn it into your motivation for lasting, healthy weight loss. The easiest way to lose weight is to teach yourself to use yoga. By using yoga to learn how to connect with your body sensations, you learn how to listen to what your body is telling you. This way you know what is missing in your life and find what you need to take care of yourself.

During meditation, imagine your body, mind and gut working together in harmony. When each part works with the others, you will fulfil your desires and live a healthy, smooth and efficient life. You will feel proud of your healthy body and actions and of yourself in the right state of mind.

Imagine how you will feel when you have the body you have always wanted.

Imagine how your life will change when you lose weight permanently.