Disfuncția erectilă: De ce ar trebui să aveți încredere în Eroxel?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that causes persistent or recurrent problems with erection.


The Massachusetts Male Aging Study (MMAS), which collected data from 1,709 men between 40 and 70 years about their health, sexuality, risk factors, pre-existing conditions, and medication use in 1987-1989, is often cited when figures are being discussed on the frequency of erectile disorder.

This study found that:

9.6% of participants in the study suffered from complete ED.

25.2 percent reported a moderate level of health.

17.2 percent for mild forms of ED.


Physical (somatic), Factors

– Age

– Diseases

– Traumas

– Therapeutic measures

– Surgery (e.g. erectile dysfunction after radical prostatectomy)

– Radiation

– Medicines

Psychosocial Factors

– Immediate factors

Deeper causes

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by either psychological or organic causes. Both of these causes can be combined. One example is that once there has been a sexual dysfunction, the affected people develop a fear of embarrassment. Diabetes is made worse by fear of failure. The psychological causes should be considered even if the organic cause is clear. But no matter what the causes of impotence are, Eroxel helps to eliminate this problem completely. Thanks to its potent ingredients, Eroxel acts effectively and quickly, without causing side effects: Eroxel Original