Eroxel, the revelation!

Eroxel a nutritional supplement, is said to increase energy, performance and fertility. It is widely used to boost sex. Is it able to live up to its promises? What is the secret to its success? How do you use it? We have taken a look at the product, and we tested it to provide you with a complete comparison guide to help make your purchasing decisions.

What is Eroxel?

Eroxel dietary supplement contains active ingredients that are packaged in a powder form in a capsule. These capsules contain L-arginine and Maca extract as well as zinc, folic Acid, selenium, folic acid, and mucho more ingredients. Easy to use, the capsules guarantee that active ingredients only get released where they are needed (i.e. In the stomach). This is an important advantage to powder.

Eroxel Capsule

Pills increase sperm production, testosterone levels and fertility. Cognitive abilities can be reactivated and increased, which leads to improved mental and physical performance. To function effectively, your body requires zinc, folic acid, and selenium every day. The recommended dose meets the daily requirements.

Effectiveness 90
Natural ingredients 100
Varieties of Ingredients 85
Value for money 95

How do you take Eroxel?

The capsule format makes Eroxel easy to swallow. It is important to ensure that you drink enough liquid to allow the capsules to reach your stomach and function optimally.

Two capsules are recommended daily, one to be taken in the morning and one in the evening.

Where is Eroxel made?

Eroxel is made in Austria. As Austria has strict regulations regarding the production of nutritional supplements, this ensures high quality production. Inchealth GmbH, a Swiss manufacturer, makes nutritional supplements for brands. This is a clear advantage for customers: As an expert producer and manufacturer of similar products, these dietary supplements are affordable and can be provided at high quality.

Some Eroxel’s Active ingredients


L-arginine, also known as Arginine, is one semi-essential amino acid that can be used to make proteinogenic amino acids. Semi-essential refers to the fact that it can be taken from food and can also be made by the body from vitamins or other amino acids. Sportsmen and women have known for a long time that L-arginine, an amino acid, can lead to a significant increase in performance, both in the gym and during sexual intercourse. Arginine is known to promote fat loss, muscle growth, blood circulation and performance. High blood pressure can be reduced by arginine. It is also important for blood sugar regulation, immune system control, and blood vessel control.

Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence. It’s the inability to erection sufficiently to allow for sexual activity. L-arginine can combat these symptoms due to the formation of nitric oxide, an amino acid that promotes blood flow. This molecule relaxes muscles and vessels, which allows for erection to occur. Regular supply of L-arginine will ensure stronger and more lasting erection.

Maca extract

The effects of maca on increasing potency and libido was clearly shown in a double-blind scientific experiment by the Massachusetts General Hospital. The maca effect was aphrodisiac, as it increased the desire to eat. The patients experienced a rapid rise in pleasure and a better quality of their lives. The maca effect is best described as “more lust for life”. Study also showed an increase in sperm quality due to Maca. This increases the likelihood of having children.

Zinc and folic acid, selenium

Zinc, folic acid, and selenium all play an important role in the production of testosterone and fertility in men. As we age, they become less common. The body is finding it harder to get nutrients from daily foods. One, our bodies are often not eating well, and two, as time goes by, the body’s ability to process food efficiently becomes less efficient. It would be wrong to think of Eroxel as a simple stimulant for sexual pleasure. This product is designed to give you a long-term increase in your performance and endurance. The body will experience a longer-term increase in energy, rather than a temporary boost. It is also used as a stimulant for sexual activity. With more energy, it is possible to be active longer and stay in bed. This combination of active ingredients can provide an alternative to Viagra and have a lasting effect in reducing erectile dysfunction. This nutritional supplement can also be used to reduce fatigue and physical pain. It can also help with concentration problems.

Eroxel Ingredients

Where can I purchase Eroxel?

You can order the product directly from the manufacturer website or from other online shops.

Eroxel Online Shop


Eroxel was specifically designed to optimize men’s performance. It is easy to use and fulfills its purpose. It stimulates mental and physical performance. All capsules are manufactured in Austria and conform to EU guidelines. The product can be used long-term without side effects and is vegan.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following answers the most commonly asked questions. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Do you have any coupons that are discounted?

Eroxel can be purchased at a very reasonable price, we have to admit. There are promotions from time to time. But a lower price does not necessarily mean a better health.

Is Eroxel vegan?

Eroxel capsules are vegan. The capsule coating is made from cellulose (many sex boosters are using pig gelatin). It is completely vegetable and is easily absorbed by your body.

Is the product made in EU?

This is a collaboration between German-speaking countries. Production takes place in Austria at a well-known manufacturer, but the manufacturer is from Switzerland.

Has the product immediate results?

There are many factors that are important in this regard (age, lifestyle, metabolism). These factors cannot be considered exhaustive because they all vary for everyone. The product is intended for long-term support and therefore can be used to maintain a healthy body. However, it doesn’t have immediate results.

It is better than Viagra?

It is more durable. Viagra is immediate and gives you a temporary erection. However, there are many side effects. Eroxel, on the other hand, neutralizes the causes of impotence and helps to restore sexual relationships. It helps you to stay physically and mentally fit.

Pros and cons


  • Natural, no chemicals
  • Long lasting benefits
  • High-quality: Physical + Mental
  • Vegan
  • Long-term consumption possible


  • It does not replace a healthy lifestyle
  • No immediate effect

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